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May 13, 2014
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October 3, 2015

Lokimat – Acoustic and Thermal Underlay


downloadregupol_underlay_1Soundproof your floors with Lokimat

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Impact noise is a major problem with floors even where carpet is installed. This can be a noise problem particularly in residential units as overhead footsteps are transmitted as noise to the unit below.



There are various soundproofing methods to significantly reduce this impact noise and the selection of sound proof materials depends on the type of floor –





Vinyl Plank

Acoustic underlay can be installed at build stage when planning a new home or commercial building or as a retro-fit solution.



How to soundproof your floors


To successfully soundproof a floor you need to add a layer of Lokimat acoustic underlay to isolate and block both the impact and airborne noise. This result cannot be achieved with all impact noise products.  Very few are able to do both.


Depending on your subfloor type (eg Timber or Concrete) and the finished floor materialAcoustaMat-Underlay-19

(eg Tiles, Hardwood, Floating timber or Carpet) our solution will vary.  If you can advise us of both, we can recommend the best options to minimise noise transfer via the floor.

Please note it is very important that you do not allow Hardwood or Tiles to touch the wall or skirting boards in the final installation as this will allow noise to structurally transmit down the walls.




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