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May 13, 2014

Adhesives and Sealants

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adhesives.sealantsAdhesives and Sealants

Lokiart has an extensive range of acoustic adhesives and sealant products to suit your needs. Whether it be for a project large or small, Lokiart has it covered.


imagesBostik Ultraset Glue SF – 16kg Pales

Commonly known as the number 1 flooring adhesive it sets semi-ridged and has incredible holding power. Ultraset SF is a flexible one component, solvent free moisture curing polyurethane timber flooring adhesive.

This polyurethane elastomeric adhesive is formulated to adhere most types of wood, parquet, strip and sheet timber flooring systems to concrete, timber, or over existing floors. When troweled correctly the coverage should be between 16m2 to 20m2. Also available in sausages

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seal_n_flex_1_cart_imageBostik Seal ‘N’ Flex

download (1)Seal N Flex 1 is a low modulus, one component polyurethane sealant, when cured it will form a tough, flexible seal capable of cyclic expansion and compression of 50% (+ 25%) of the original joint width. Seal N Flex 1 is virtually unaffected by normal weathering conditions such as rain, sunlight, snow, sleet, ultra-violet radiation, ozone, atmospheric contamination and pollution.  Its excellent weather ability enables it to retain its original properties after years of exposure. Comes in multiple colours.

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ultrasealUltraseal Vapour Barrier – One Coat System

paint_rollerUltraseal Vapour Barrier is a two part solvent free epoxy composition compatible with a wide range of coverings. This product is designed as a one coat primer and vapour barrier/retarder to prevent moisture migration through a concrete slab to levels that will not cause swelling or cupping of Timber flooring. Ultraseal accepts a wide range of floor coverings, has excellent bond to a range of substrates and is easy to mix by hand when a smaller application is required.

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